Decidedly Lazy: Why Google’s Approach To UX Works

“It’s exciting, and a little terrifying how many people see what we work on here.” -Paul Schlacter, Google UX team, and Visual Designer.

UX is arguably more important than your product itself. If you have an extremely good service but poor usability, no one is going to come back to it ever again.

Example: there were countless other search engines before Google hit the markets, but all of them were completely wiped out when Google Search showed up.

How Google Made Laziness Cool?

Let’s use the same example as before: Google’s in-house search engine. Google Search was by no means the first search engine; nor was it the biggest when it was launched.

So how is it that today, Google search controls a 92 percent share# of the global search engine market? #Source: Global Statcounter (Updated 2021).

Towermarketing says it’s because “Google provides simple, better results”. The keyword here is “simple”.

I’m sure we can all remember Yahoo! search… you know, the thing that used to bombard you with news, mail, images, blog posts, and ads.

Now compare that with the soothing plain white background of Google search’s homepage. I don’t know about you, but I relax when I see it. It’s the screen that says, “Don’t worry, we got this.”

Yahoo! had some great….

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